Wedding Invitations: Stamping


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The wedding was a success — it was a huge whirlwind and we both wish that we had more time to spend with all the wonderful people there.

But, now that I’m back home, I thought I would follow up on my “how-tos.”

Here is our wedding invitation:

This was pretty simple to do!

Supplies – I purchased brown kraft card stock from Paper and More and had them custom cut the paper to 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 so it would fit nicely in the fabric pockets, a black Color Box inkpad from Papersource, and of course the stamp from Antiquaria.

After I had all of the supplies I sat aside a couple of nights after work to stamp! I liked stamping with slower drying ink because the color was more vibrant than when I tried stamping with a fast drying ink. Because I picked the slower drying ink, we ended up using every shelf, table, and flat surface as a drying area for the invitations. It looked a little something like this…

If you’re wondering about the kraft tags, I found them on KatsPaperTrail’s shop on etsy and I used the same ink as I did for the invitations using another stamp from Antiquaria.

So there you have it — super easy wedding invitations! Now when can I start planning another wedding?


Figment DC – Volunteer Gig


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Michael and I got married on September 22nd and I thought that he had to travel for work the following weekend, so I decided to volunteer for Figment DC. This volunteer opportunity popped up on my facebook newsfeed for September 29th at Yards Park, which is only a 10 minute walk from our apartment. Michael ended up canceling his business trip, but I couldn’t bring myself to cancel my volunteering gig.

I walked down to Yards Park and witnessed what Figment is all about:

FIGMENT is a free, interactive, non-commercial, participatory arts festival created for, and by, the community. It is a gift for each of us. A chance to create, to engage, to play. It is not about watching someone else have all the fun, it’s about diving in and making the fun yourself.

I helped welcome people for most of my volunteer shift, then I was on trash duty for the remainder of the shift. Here is what I witnessed:

I also learned that Figment started in New York and has traveled to other large cities and one smaller city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; my hometown! I had a lot of fun and I look forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future.

Nude Nails


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Today Megan and I treated ourselves to a manicure & pedicure at Soleil 21.

They had the new OPI Germany Fall 2012 collection, so I decided to go with a darker color for my toes and a neutral for my nails. Normally, I would put a bright color on my nails, but I was pleasantly surprised by my nude nail selection.

OPI | Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

The lighting in my photo is not great, so I found another example of the OPI color Don’t Pretzel My Buttons:

I love color, but I’m liking the look of my neutral nails!

DIY Fabric Pocket Wedding Invitations Inspired by Oh So Beautiful Paper


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I knew that I wanted our wedding invitations to be unique — I searched and scoured the internet for inspiration in blog after blog, but I couldn’t find that perfect wedding invitation for our event.

Then, one lovely, scorchingly hot day in late June, I was making my rounds visiting various blogs searching for inspiration when I stumbled across a DIY Tutorial on Oh So Beautiful Paper. This was it! Perfect!

DIY Tutorial: Rubber Stamp Fabric Pocket Wedding Invitations | Oh So Beautiful Paper

That night I asked a friend of mine if I could use her roommate’s sewing machine and I started looking around for the perfect fabric to use. I ended up selecting fabric from two different Etsy shops: 1930’s Reproduction Fabric from twiddletails‘ shop and California Girl Layer Cake by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda Fabrics from SweetPeaFabricsUT‘s shop.

The outcome:

I had so much fun making these wedding invitations and I had tons of help from my girlfriends! I will break down the process of putting these invitations together in separate posts to share how much time it really takes, where I got my supplies, and how I designed my wedding map.

Enjoy — I hope you like them!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Outcomes and Final Decision


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After hours of shopping around, I had sent my bridesmaids many options for dresses that they could purchase at a store of their choice, price point of choice, and hopefully a dress that they would love to wear again. This sounds great, right? Well, I thought so, but after I had sent out emails about dress options I heard nothing back from my bridesmaids. They didn’t seem interested in finding their own dress and the clock was ticking, so something needed to happen.

I stumbled on a new company called Little Borrowed Dress and I fell in love immediately. They offer four different styles of dresses, both knee length and long that your bridesmaid can either rent or purchase. Every style they carry flatters a variety of shapes and sizes, and when you rent they send two dress sizes two weeks before the wedding! It was such a relief to me when I found Little Borrowed Dress. I was able to get the mix and match style that I wanted, still gave my bridesmaid’s options and a great price, and the comfort of knowing that the fabrics will all complement each other.


I’ll be excited to share the outcome with you all – the wedding is only three months away!!!

Bridesmaid Brainstorm In Action!


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Megan and I took my dress brainstorm into action yesterday. Our first stop was Wedding Creations in Georgetown. On principle, I am trying to stay away from official “bridesmaid” dresses because of the ridiculous amount of time it takes to order them and the price tag. My hope is that my friends can get a dress they would enjoy wearing again…who wouldn’t want that? But I had to see the Alfred Sung style D502 dress in person.

Megan tried on the dress in a different fabric and it was cute, but we didn’t fall in love with the dress. It could be an option though.

Then we went to Anthropologie and I fell in love with four dresses.


1. Arched Careena Dress $158

2. Primary Blooms Dress $168

3. Watermelon Ice Dress $188

4. Bicycle Dress (no longer on their website and flying off the shelves)

Here are two dresses that we didn’t try on, but would be a great fit: Given Then Gathered Column Dress ($128) and Floral Wing Dress ($160).

I fell like I’m off to a great start…but the hunt continues.

Bridesmaid Brainstorm


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The wedding is only 5 months away and there are so many details to work out! Here are a few bridesmaid dresses I’ve had my eye on. Megan and I are going to a bridal shop in Georgetown tomorrow to try on some more…hopefully I’ll get some inspiration during our outing and will finally be able to make some decisions!

1. Afternoon Sunshine Lace Dress. Ruche. $45.99

2. Primary Blooms Dress. Anthropologie. $168

3. Just for Blue Dress. ModCloth. $44.99

Fall Wedding Colors


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In my little wedding planning world I’ve found that most brides know exactly what they want. This statement does not describe me at all. I have been engaged a little over one and a half years, the wedding is in six months, and I’m just deciding on the wedding colors.

My favorite color is purple and Micheal’s is green, so I knew that we needed to incorporate these colors, but we knew that just a purple and green wedding wouldn’t work for our park/barn wedding.

It hit me last week or so…JEWEL TONES!

Lots of planning to do! I’m so relieved I found a color palette to work with.


Engagement Photo Shoot Inspiration



I am thrilled that our wedding photographer will be flying from Iowa to the District of Columbia late April for our very overdue engagement photo shoot. Michael and I have been engaged for 1 1/2 years now, so my excitement level for this photo shoot is off the charts.

Michael and I are having Eric Yerke, an Iowa photographer, capture the story of our wedding with his fine art photographer’s eye. You can browse his work at:

Here are some of my favorites:

I have also started to browse the world wide web to find some District of Columbia specific engagement photography inspiration. If you’d like to see my collection of photos you can find them on my pinterest website at:

I am still deciding if we should use a theme, props, or simply use the beautiful backdrop of the District.

Thoughts, suggestions, and tips are welcome!