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Megan and I took my dress brainstorm into action yesterday. Our first stop was Wedding Creations in Georgetown. On principle, I am trying to stay away from official “bridesmaid” dresses because of the ridiculous amount of time it takes to order them and the price tag. My hope is that my friends can get a dress they would enjoy wearing again…who wouldn’t want that? But I had to see the Alfred Sung style D502 dress in person.

Megan tried on the dress in a different fabric and it was cute, but we didn’t fall in love with the dress. It could be an option though.

Then we went to Anthropologie and I fell in love with four dresses.


1. Arched Careena Dress $158

2. Primary Blooms Dress $168

3. Watermelon Ice Dress $188

4. Bicycle Dress (no longer on their website and flying off the shelves)

Here are two dresses that we didn’t try on, but would be a great fit: Given Then Gathered Column Dress ($128) and Floral Wing Dress ($160).

I fell like I’m off to a great start…but the hunt continues.