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After hours of shopping around, I had sent my bridesmaids many options for dresses that they could purchase at a store of their choice, price point of choice, and hopefully a dress that they would love to wear again. This sounds great, right? Well, I thought so, but after I had sent out emails about dress options I heard nothing back from my bridesmaids. They didn’t seem interested in finding their own dress and the clock was ticking, so something needed to happen.

I stumbled on a new company called Little Borrowed Dress and I fell in love immediately. They offer four different styles of dresses, both knee length and long that your bridesmaid can either rent or purchase. Every style they carry flatters a variety of shapes and sizes, and when you rent they send two dress sizes two weeks before the wedding! It was such a relief to me when I found Little Borrowed Dress. I was able to get the mix and match style that I wanted, still gave my bridesmaid’s options and a great price, and the comfort of knowing that the fabrics will all complement each other.


I’ll be excited to share the outcome with you all – the wedding is only three months away!!!