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Michael and I got married on September 22nd and I thought that he had to travel for work the following weekend, so I decided to volunteer for Figment DC. This volunteer opportunity popped up on my facebook newsfeed for September 29th at Yards Park, which is only a 10 minute walk from our apartment. Michael ended up canceling his business trip, but I couldn’t bring myself to cancel my volunteering gig.

I walked down to Yards Park and witnessed what Figment is all about:

FIGMENT is a free, interactive, non-commercial, participatory arts festival created for, and by, the community. It is a gift for each of us. A chance to create, to engage, to play. It is not about watching someone else have all the fun, it’s about diving in and making the fun yourself.

I helped welcome people for most of my volunteer shift, then I was on trash duty for the remainder of the shift. Here is what I witnessed:

I also learned that Figment started in New York and has traveled to other large cities and one smaller city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; my hometown! I had a lot of fun and I look forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future.