Welcome to banANNEabread!


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A new blog! Just what the world needs, right? I know, probably not, but it has always been a goal of mine to start one. I’m dedicating this space to connect with friends and family, share my amateur photography, talk about my interests, and to learn from and interact with my readers! You’ll find posts here about arts, travel, fashion, crafts, life in the district, nonprofit management, Iowa Hawkeye football (I’m trying to like the Broncos), design, books, baking, health/fitness, hot chocolate, and wedding planning. If this blog is anything like what goes on inside my head, I’d plan on reading a handful of random things as well.

A quick introduction – my name is Anne and I am originally from Iowa. I currently reside in the District of Columbia and moved here 3 years ago to attend American University. I graduated with my masters in arts management and work in the nonprofit arts management world. My fiance, Michael, is also from Iowa and moved to the district about 4 months ago. He is learning to love the city while his dog, well I should really say “our” dog, Haley is still working on the adjustment. It’s nice to meet you!